This is where our story begins

In 2017, our cherished Golden Retriever, Buckeye, was struck by Blastomycosis, a fungal infection that took hold seemingly overnight. Buckeye, the heartbeat of our family, endeared himself to all with his gentle nature and love for companionship, whether it be boating, strolling, or simply basking in our presence.

The onset of Buckeye’s illness was swift, a lump swelling on his neck, sparking fears of cancer—a common affliction among Golden Retrievers. However, the diagnosis revealed a different foe: Blastomycosis, a devastating fungal invasion with the potential to ravage both pets and humans alike. Though not cancer, its aggressive spread posed a grave threat, with Buckeye’s lungs resembling cotton on x-rays. The biopsy confirmed our fears.

With costly treatments, including potent anti-fungal medication, we embarked on the arduous journey to heal Buckeye. Embracing the importance of nutrition in his recovery, we transitioned to premium kibble and concocted homemade treats to administer his medications. Against all odds, Buckeye triumphed over the infection, emerging after six months with no trace of the disease.

Yet, the battle had taken its toll, silently ravaging Buckeye’s organs. In 2020, his health faltered, his appetite waning as his kidneys and other vital systems succumbed to the lingering effects of the fungus. Desperate to nourish him, we turned to home-cooked meals, coaxing him with chicken, rice, and sweet potatoes.

Tragically, on May 3rd, 2021, Buckeye departed from our lives. Though our hearts shattered with grief, we found solace in the immeasurable joy and companionship he bestowed upon us throughout the years.

In honor of Buckeye’s enduring memory, Wags Bakery stands as a testament to his legacy, a place where love for our beloved friend and the welfare of all furry companions are celebrated.