At Wags Bakery, we take pride in crafting delicious treats for our beloved canine companions. However, it’s important to note that while our treats are carefully formulated with ingredients safe for most dogs, individual sensitivities and allergies may vary.

We recommend consulting with a veterinarian before introducing any new food or treat into your dog’s diet, especially if your furry friend has known allergies or health concerns. Additionally, please supervise your pet when enjoying our treats to ensure they are consumed safely and in moderation.

While we strive to provide high-quality products, Wags Bakery cannot guarantee the suitability of our treats for every dog. By purchasing and offering our treats to your pet, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with feeding any food product to animals.

Thank you for choosing Wags Bakery for your canine companion’s snack needs. We appreciate your trust in our brand and commitment to your pet’s well-being.